Why do people paint their homes

Ask homepainter Oct 05, 2020

"I'm having guests visit."

Having guests over can be intimidating, especially if the walls in your house need a new paint job. Whether you have chipped or peeling paint or if the color simply dates your home, why not paint your home before your guests arrive? The new looks is sure to be a great conversation piece!

"It's been forever since I painted."

Maybe you can't remember how long it has been since you last broke out the brush. That's probably a sign your home is due for some love from the painting department. If you can't recall when you last updated the paint in your home, it's likely that the paint is not only in poor shape, but that the colors could use some updating. Consider these new trends.

"I'm repurposing a room."

Perhaps COVID has you working from home, and you're repurposing a spare bedroom into a home office. Maybe you're having a baby and are turning your office into a nursery. For empty-nesters, you migh be transforming a child's bedroom into a craft room. Regardless, when a room is being repurposed, it's a great time to paint. Let this transitional time be a time for your creativity to run wild.

"Painting is a mood lifter."

Color is a reflection of personality for many. Giving a room a new hue can also boost your mood. Ready for a change in your home's feel? Hire a painter from the comfort of your home by using homepainter today.

"I'm selling my house."

Selling your house can be the perfect time to paint. It's easy because most likely, your stuff is not in the way. It can also help to increase curb appeal and property value. Weigh these considerations during the house listing process: Should I Paint My House Before Selling?


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