The goal of any home improvement project is of course for it to be an improvement, but sometimes even projects with the best intentions go awry. Take these pieces of advice to ensure that your home improvement project does indeed IMPROVE your home!

When setting out to improve your home, the first decision you must make is whether you will do it yourself or hire a contractor. Nightmares can emerge in each situation, but if you are prepared, you can avoid them and truly improve your home.


When doing it yourself, stay away from...

  • Taking on projects that deserve more time than you are willing to allot. Doing so will result in a sloppy outcome.
  • Projects with which you have no prior experience. Trying to tackle jobs like these could pose a safety threat for you and/or your home.
  • Some projects such as electrical, structural, and plumbing have specific licenses to be able to do. Your best option for these are to hire a professional.

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If you’re going to hire a contractor, stay away from...

  • Verbal contracts. Having the stipulations for the project in writing before you begin will help you avoid disputes upon completion.
  • Vague timelines. Home improvement projects can be time-consuming and can temporarily leave your home in a state of disarray. Be sure to discuss the timeline for the project with your contractor ahead of time so you both know what to expect.
  • Lack of a budget. Plan in advance. Be sure to have a discussion with your contractor about your budget before purchasing supplies.
  • Making assumptions. Asking the right questions will help you find out the information that will make your home improvement project a success.

Best wishes on your home improvement project! We hope it goes dreamily. For online quotes and professional painters, homepainter is here to help.