Routine home maintenance is important to keep up the value and extend the life of your home. Although to-do lists aren't every homeowner’s favorite, annual maintenance is essential and can be broken down by seasons or months to make it more achievable. So get ready to start checking off some of those boxes on your list, and to start saving yourself some money in the long run!


After a long and chilly winter, your home will be ready for a little TLC. Enjoy the nicer weather and get ready for some spring cleaning!

  • Open the windows and check for any damage to the window sill or screen
  • Clean the gutters and check for any roof damage or leakage
  • Change the air conditioning filter and consider getting it serviced
  • Put away the snowblower and start up the lawnmower
  • Check the deck for any damage
  • Check outside faucets and sprinklers
  • Clean and inspect the chimney for damage
  • Get your outdoor furniture set up and ready for Summer


We all love hot Summer days at the beach or just spending time outside with family and friends, but be sure to take advantage of your window of opportunity for these tasks.

  • Power wash the deck and siding
  • Deep clean the grill
  • Consider a new exterior paint job if siding isn’t looking too great
  • Clean ceiling fans and switch the direction to counter-clockwise
  • Get ready for gardening and create a watering schedule
  • Check garage door for any needed repairs


This is a great time to complete those home improvement projects you’ve been wanting to do all year and to prepare for Winter. Make sure to keep regular maintenance under control so you can spend more time on those projects

  • Deep clean carpets and floors
  • Need to spice up a few rooms before the holidays? Adding a fresh coat of paint will make an old room seem new!
  • Clean gutters of any leaves and debris
  • Check appliances for any needed repairs before the busy holiday season
  • Insulate any outdoor faucets or pipes and put away hose for the winter
  • Make sure windows are in good shape and properly insulated
  • Check landscaping and do any last-minute raking or mowing before snowfall
  • Make sure you bring in any outdoor appliances or furniture
  • Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


Winter weather can be tough on your home, so it’s especially important to be on top of your winter maintenance checklist and not left in the cold.

  • Cover your outdoor air-conditioner to avoid any damage from winter weather
  • Test your sump pump
  • Put away the lawnmower and ensure the snowblower is in good condition
  • Check windows and doors for caulking issues
  • Increase ventilation to avoid ice dams
  • Save on energy by insulating windows and the cracks under doors
  • Inspect fireplace and get a chimney sweep