New homeowners have the best intentions of keeping their home in tip-top shape, but life happens, and often you may fall behind in caring for your house. Don’t be an average homeowner - give your home the love it deserves. After all, you invested a lot of money into purchasing it, so maintaining it is wise. It will be nicer for you to live in, and when you move, it will be more ready for the next owner. Another perk of doing small maintenance tasks regularly is that in the long run it will likely save you from bigger repairs that may come at a greater cost.

So what is it that you should be doing each year to maintain your home?

Clean the gutters

There are likely trees near your home. As pretty as those trees may be, and although they provide beneficial shade, a not-so-nice effect of the nearby trees is that their debris winds up in your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to flooded basements if not cleaned regularly.

Clean air ducts

Cleaning the air ducts in your home is a great way to maintain the air quality where you live. Aside from easier breathing, another bonus of cleaning your air ducts is that you won’t have to dust your furniture as often because less dust will be blown into your rooms through the vents.

Replace caulking

Purchasing caulk and inspecting your home for places where the caulk is worn is a responsible measure that ought to be taken for keeping your home in excellent shape. Caulk is used to seal together surfaces. Failing to do so may result in dirt, air, and moisture going where it shouldn’t.

Organize your storage areas

Basements, garages, and closets are places that frequently accumulate stuff, but rarely receive the attention necessary for decluttering. This is a recipe for a mess! Neglecting your storage areas not only leads to disorganization, but it could also cause a more serious problem to go unnoticed. Organize your storage areas at least annually to heighten your ability to detect any leaks or other issues in those spaces.

Wash the exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing visitors, neighbors, and those passing by notice. Besides for the sake of “keeping up with the Jones’,” another reason to regularly wash the exterior of your home is to keep the dirt from deteriorating the exterior surface of your home. A pressure washer is often the best option for washing the exterior, but consider these tips before jumping into this cleaning project.

Check for chipped paint

Inspect your home (inside and out!) for areas that may need repainted. You don’t need to paint each year, but ceilings and walls need painted every 5-7 years, trim needs painted every 2-4 years, and the exterior needs painted every 3-5 years. Staying up to date on paint protects the many structures and surfaces that make up your home.

If you plan to paint your home this year, homepainter will quickly connect you with a professional in your area.