Curb appeal is the first impression of your home. When a buyer approaches from the curb, is your home appealing to them? Cleaning and adding features are great ways to boost curb appeal during summer.


  • Repair chipped paint. There’s nothing that makes a home look more old and outdated than paint that is chipping. Looking for a professional painter to spruce up your trim or shutters? Homepainter will provide a quote and connect you with local painting professionals in minutes.
  • Clean your house’s exterior. Use a power washer or scrub brush with warm soapy water to make your house shine.

Add Features

  • There’s something enchanting about porch swings/furniture. Help your buyer picture themselves enjoying the summer sun and breeze on your front porch by adding outdoor furniture.
  • Replace your address plate. A quaint display of your house numbers is a simple way to spiff up your home.
  • Add an accent door. Painting your front door has the highest rate of return of any painting project in your home.
  • Lighting makes your home feel cozy and inviting. For summer, strings of lights are fun, or consider adding something more permanent, like a porch light or lamp post.
  • Floral wreaths are perfect for summer. Maximize the hominess with a beautiful wreath.

Transform your Landscape

  • Add a fountain. Water is a necessity of life, and it sure makes your home more attractive. Here's how to install a fountain!
  • Rock beds surrounding your house help to frame your home. It gives your yard interest, adding to the grassy lawn, too.
  • Pretty, colorful plants either in flower beds, window boxes, or as potted plants brighten your home’s curb appeal.
  • Trees are a nice touch. They are practical in that they provide shade, but a hint of nature certainly enhances the feel of your home, as well.
  • Paths at run toward your home create a unique entrance and appear appealing from the curb. Paths can take many forms, including stepping stones or a curved sidewalk.