Staying open while having a business painted

Ask homepainter Sep 28, 2020

Business owners often put off the project of having their retail or office space repainted because of the common misconception that the "closed" sign will need to hang in the window while doing so. Closing your business while your staff or professional painters spruce up your space is NOT your only option!

Timing is everything

Scheduling your painting to be done at a time when you typically have a rush of customers or when the suits are in town would likely be a mistake. However, most contractors are happy to negotiate to paint at a time when business is slower or after hours. This will mitigate the stress on your business and allow for a seamless paint update.

Be strategic

You don't have to have your whole building painted at once. Consider chunking the job into a couple of days. Move furniture to one side of the office while you paint the other side, then do the opposite the next day. While painting near entrances and exits, consider switching up your flow of traffic so as to avoid interfering with the paint project. No one likes an unwanted drop of paint dripping on their work clothes or purchase!

Give a heads up

Let your staff and customers know that painting will be happening. Whether that's a mass email, a sign on the door, or anything else that fits your business, get the word out. People totally understand that painting is a part of routine maintenance, but it is certainly courteous to give them notice.  Communicating that painting is taking place will help your people have the opportunity to plan accordingly.

In the scheme of things, working at or patronizing a business that is being painted for a day or two is hardly a minor inconvenience. Spiffing up your space will be totally worth it - Your employees and clients will be grateful that you keep your business looking sharp and professional!


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