Nothing says “welcome” like a well-decorated home, but before you jump in and find an interior decorator, you should consider the pros and cons of hiring someone to help decorate your space.

Financial Considerations

Pro: You have already spent money to purchase your home, why wouldn’t you hire someone to showcase it in a way that makes it look its finest?

Con: An average interior decorator costs $100-$200 per hour, or more, depending on your needs and location. Check the prices and services of interior decorators near you.

Pro: By working with a professional interior decorator, they will help establish a budget for the decorative upgrades in your home. Establishing a budget prior to starting your project or stepping foot in Hobby Lobby or Pier 1 will help you to not overbuy and even avoid overdecorating. Learn how to make a decorating budget!

Con: Trends change, so although you may put money into an interior decorator when you initially move in, that won’t be the last time you do so. This investment is not a once-and-done type of project.

Time Considerations

Pro: An interior decorator can help manage the relationship between you and the contractor, saving you many phone calls and headaches.

Con: Finding an interior decorator who can combine the latest trends with your personal vision and preferences can be tricky. If you fail to set clear expectations from the get-go, your project may end up taking longer than you had wished.

Pro: When you move in, you have all the best intentions to decorate your space, making it cozy and eye-catching, but soon you get caught up in the more pressing aspects of homeownership, like lawn mowing and meal prepping. Hiring an interior decorator will allow for your home to catch the eye of your guests, without you having to spend time decorating it yourself. This leaves you more time for the non-cosmetic duties of being a homeowner.

Con: If you decorated your own home, you would “just do it,” but with an interior decorator, you need to review and approve all of their plans.