Should I paint my house before selling?

Ask homepainter Mar 13, 2020

Although the simple answer is YES! There are some considerations to be made, and rules of thumb to follow.

Q: Are the colors I currently have on my walls a definite turnaway for buyers?

A: Generally, paint that is outdated (7+ years old) or worn should be painted before listing your home for greater buyer appeal. Chipped or scuffed paint always looks bad and turns away buyers, so be sure to apply a fresh coat of paint if it is in poor shape. When it comes to the colors, Sherwin-Williams or your realtor may be able to give you some inspiration and fill you in on what buyers are looking for. However, the rule of thumb is to choose neutral colors that don't deter or arise any negative thoughts from potential buyers. Consult homepainter for ideas on colors that look good in all seasons!

Q: How do you know the new owner will like the colors I’ve chosen?

A: There is no way to know the buyer’s taste, but a safe bet is to select light, neutral colors for your walls. Neutral colors are gentle on the eyes, and they are easy to paint over, should the buyer choose to do so. Homepainter has ideas for how you can create a color palette for your home.

Q: How long will it take to paint my house?

A: Before jumping into a paint project, give an honest assessment of whether you have the time and money to complete it well. In general, DIY paint projects for an average bedroom can take up to a day. Hiring a professional painter saves you time, effort, and ensures a quality outcome. Homepainter will provide you a quote and connect you with local painting professionals in minutes.

Q: When is the best season to paint my house?

A: Painting during temperate weather is best. Painting when it is too hot or too cold will lead to imperfections in the adherence of the paint to the surface if you are working on the exterior of your home. Even when it's not painting season, there are things on this homeowner's checklist that you should be doing to your home each season.

Q: How often should I paint my house?

A: The exterior of your home should be painted every 3-5 years. 5 years is a good rule of thumb for the frequency of painting interior walls. Having a clean, new paint job done every 5 years will keep your home looking neat and updated. Ceilings need painted less often than vertical walls. However, it's sometimes easier to hire out a painter to do all of it at once. Consider painting your ceilings every time you paint the walls. Here are more tips on how often you should be doing other home renovations.


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