Pro tips for your patio

Ask homepainter Apr 02, 2020

BBQ season is right around the corner. Whether you have a patio or are thinking of adding one to your home, patios are a great way to add class to your yard. Afterall, summer is a time to be spent outdoors, so why not make a comfy spot for celebrating the season of sunshine?


Patio furniture can make or break the look of a patio. Wicker and rod iron are common materials for patio furniture to be built from, but don’t be limited by the norm. Check out this patio furniture you’ll love in 2020 by Wayfair. The pattern on the cushions or on outdoor pillows are wonderful ways to add some summery colors to your patio. Buying new pillows each year will keep your patio looking fresh and in-style.


The summer sun is perfect for a tan, but while spending time with family and friends on your patio, you’ll likely want some sort of shade to protect you from the direct sunlight. Patio shades come in all forms. From canvas to a more permanent structure, you’ll be sure to be protected from those UV rays. If you’re opting for a more permanent covering for your patio, consider installing a ceiling fan to stay extra cool this summer.


You’ll have additional lighting options if you go with a permanent patio covering, but regardless, lighting is an important feature of your patio. Overhead lighting is grand, but so are candles, lamps, or strings of lights. Need patio lighting inspiration? Look no further.


Afterall, your patio is outdoors, so why not include nature as a part of your patio decor. Potted plants are a nice way to make your patio feel homey. Having a border of well-groomed shrubs or other landscaping around your patio can also add privacy or help visually divide your patio from the rest of your yard.


In addition to plants, patios look best with a bit of decor. Whether you add artwork or 3D decorations, remember to keep it classy and match the overall tone of your patio and home. Regardless of your patio’s style, set it off with water and fire. Water in the form of a fountain or birdbath can be a fun touch. Fire in a fire pit, fireplace, or grill also make your patio aesthetically pleasing and functional.

If your patio needs painted, consider homepainter. Homepainter will get you a quote and connect you with local painting professionals in just minutes.


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