Prioritizing what rooms to paint

Ask homepainter Sep 21, 2020

Whether you are moving into a new-to-you home that needs love all over or giving your current home a total lift, it's important to be strategic and plan ahead before overhauling the walls' paint.

While it is obviously easiest to paint a house before it is occupied and furnished, that is not always an option. If your home is already being lived in, here are some tips for prioritizing the best rooms to paint first.


To paint the bedrooms first or last - THAT is the most controversial painting prioritization predicament. Those who reside in the camp of "first" hold their stance because painting the bedrooms first allows you to get that out of the way so you can put your bedroom back together and enjoy a restful zone while painting the remainder of the home. On the other side of the squabble, those who vie for the bedroom to be at the bottom of the painting to do list, do so because bedrooms are a low traffic area when it comes to guests. Hopefully this insight helps you decide which option makes most sense for you and your project!


Your bathroom may be a grand place to dive into the repainting of your home. It's likely the smallest room in your house, and thus it's the least daunting to paint. Since nearly everyone who visits your home will make a trip to the restroom, it's worthwhile to give them something glorious to look at while they do their duty.

Kitchen & Living Room

These are the toughest rooms in your home to paint because they have the most commotion. Kitchen and living rooms are abundant in furniture and rich with human activity. Doing these toward the end of the project is best because you'll have some experience by that point. You will also have the advantage of not needing to hustle to get them painted because the rest of the home will already be enhanced. Pro tip: No one likes to be a hungry painter, so plan to order carry out or get pre-made meals for the day(s) that you have the kitchen under construction.

Laundry Room

Very few people spend time in your laundry room, so naturally that can fall to the bottom of your painting list. However, don't put painting the laundry room off indefinitely, because after all of your effort on the previous rooms, you'll want the satisfaction of completely finishing the task of painting your entire home.

Too much work to paint the entire interior of your home yourself? No sweat - you can book a professional with homepainter from the comfort of your home. Your house will have a whole makeover without you needing to even pick up a brush!


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