Paint Colors that Won't Go Out of Style

Colors & Inspiration Jul 05, 2020

Whether you are planning on selling or just want to update the look of your home, neutral paint colors like grays, blues, and beiges are always in style. Keeping a neutral tone throughout your house can drastically improve the value and appeal. Neutral tones can also give your home an updated and modern look that will either help it sell quickly or just be a refreshing space to live in.

You can find all of these paint colors at Sherwin-Williams


-Modern Gray

-Agreeable Gray

-Repose Gray

-Light French Gray

-Dorian Gray

-Gray Screen


-Nomadic Desert

-Natural Linen

-Accessible Beige

-Kilim Beige

-Balanced Beige

-Softer Tan



-Leisure Blue


-Still Water


-Hinting Blue


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