Paint color mistakes to avoid

Colors & Inspiration Oct 15, 2020

Color can make or break the feel of a room. Not artsy? Don't worry! Here are some tips for staying away from colors that will look bad together, as well as rules of thumb for what colors to avoid in particular rooms.

Color combinations that don't look good together

Choosing colors that complement one another on the color wheel is important. (Aka: use colors that are across from one another.)

An analogous color scheme is another safe bet. Choose colors that are next to one another on the color wheel.

Too much color can be a problem. Pick 3 colors to include in a room. This includes, not only the walls, but also the furniture. Then obey the 60-30-10 rule, which entails using 60% of one color, 30% of another color, and 10% of a third color. The bolder colors should be used in the more sparing percentages.

Colors that don't work in certain rooms

It's best to use warm colors in areas of your house where you entertain, such as kitchens and living spaces. Save the cooler colors for places such as your bathrooms or bedrooms.

Red is an angry color, and the last place you want to be angry is in the bedroom, so steer clear of red in your resting space. Similarly, orange and yellow are best left out of the bedroom, too.

Soft colors, like pale blues or light neutrals are great in a bathroom, but colors like gold are too outdated for a bathroom.


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