How to take great listing photos: selling your home

Ask homepainter Jun 08, 2020

When scrolling through Zillow or other listing sites, homebuyers are making their initial judgements of each property. These first impressions determine whether someone even wants to attend a showing for a particular home at all. It's very apparent who hired a professional to capture their house and who snapped some iPhone photos. The professional photos are more eye-catching. Listing photos have the power to speed up or slow down your home-selling process, so consider these tips for taking listing photos that will capture buyers' attention.

Preparation & Staging

The camera angle and lighting can only enhance your home so much. You most likely need to do some prep work. Declutter and clean your home - it makes it appear more inviting and comfortable.

If you’ve already moved into your new home, consider hiring a stager to bring in furniture and decor to make your home more homey. Furnished homes sell faster than unfurnished ones. If you’re staging your home yourself, follow these tips for making your house feel like home to buyers. Painting your home neutral colors is an important staging tip that often gets overlooked. Giving your potential buyers a clean start will help them be able to imagine how they want to personalize the space.

Advice for Taking the Shots

  • Use a wide angle lens.
  • Take advantage of as much natural lighting as possible. Shoot during the day for indoor photos, and take outdoor photos at dusk.
  • Use a tripod.
  • Include the view out each window as part of the shot of the room.
  • Shoot in RAW to make editing your photos simpler.
  • Shoot each room from various angles.
  • Give buyers a “tour” of the house by posting the listing photos in the order that you would access the room, starting with the exterior and ending with the spare bedroom(s).


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