How to pick the right paint finish

Ask homepainter May 13, 2020

You’ve decided to paint your home, and now you’re standing in the paint aisle at your local hardware store. You know the color you’d like to use for freshening up your room, but now you’re stuck. What finish is right for the project? High gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, flat, matte? What do these terms mean?

In terms of how shiny the finished wall will look, high gloss is most shiny, where as matte is least shiny.

The biggest questions to ask yourself when determining which finish to use include:

  • How durable does the paint need to be?
  • How often will I wash these walls?
  • How much traffic does this room receive?
  • How shiny do I want my walls?

For walls that must be durable and endure the most cleaning, such as kitchens, glossier finishes, including high gloss or semi-gloss finish are great. In highly-trafficked living spaces, a satin finish is nice. Satin finishes are excellent for family or entertainment rooms. For a smoother look, perfect for low-traffic areas, an eggshell finish is ideal. Eggshell is a good pick for spaces like dining rooms. Flat or matte finishes are your most budget-friendly options. This is because of the excellent coverage. With little shine, eggshell paint is best in low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

Whatever your finish, consider homepainter for a professional paint job. Get a quote and find a painting professional in minutes.


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