One of the first things your guests notice when they enter your home are the colors! It is especially important to make a positive first impression when looking to sell your house. However, every year the wants of home buyers changes. We have compiled a list of the 4 most important rooms to repaint if you are looking to increase the value of your home.


The importance of an updated bathroom is often overlooked by home sellers. The reality is, that these typically small rooms can be a deal breaker for many buyers. People are looking for a bathroom that gives off a clean and spa like feel. Neutral colors like white, light gray and even light blue are always safe bets when looking to increase the value of your home.


According to, the kitchen is the room with the highest potential return on your remodel investment. Kitchens can be tricky because of the wide array of popular colors used. However, says that vibrant yellows and reds will not only stimulate a conversation, but also your appetite.

Master Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most personalized room in a home. For that reason we want to tell you what colors to stay away from when looking to increase the value of your home. According to many realtors, bedroom colors like purple, red, and green are most likely to turn people away. So it's always a good idea to cover up those purple bedrooms with a neutral or calming color.

The Exterior!

Today, curb appeal has a very important role in the value of your home. It is what catches the eye of buyer when sifting through online listings or driving around town. In 2018, blue and beige became the most popular colors of houses. By adding white trim, white windows and white railings, you can enjoy a truly inviting look, every time you come home.