How often should you...

paint your exterior? Painting the exterior of your home is a simple way to boost the curb appeal. The outside is the first aspect of the house that your guests and potential buyers see, so be sure it’s looking spiffy by painting the exterior every 3-5 years. Note: The type of siding and climate play large roles in the life cycle of exterior paint.

put in new flooring? All flooring is not created equal, so when you are calculating how long your flooring will last, you must first note the specific type of flooring. Wood floors take the prize for the longest life, while carpet needs to be updated much more frequently. Here are the life expectancies for various types of flooring: wood (100 years), vinyl (50 years), carpet (10 years).

paint your trim? Trim is like the frame in which your walls, windows, and doors are displayed. Make them pop with a crisp paint job. Painting your trim every 2-4 years will keep your home looking fresh, sharp, and with the ages.

remodel your bathroom? Your bathroom is an underrated, yet highly-trafficked space in your home. Each week, individuals spend over two hours in the bathroom. Keep your lavatory looking lavish by remodeling every 5-10 years. (Bathroom fixtures last a long time, but over time the style will become outdated, so maintain the value of your home with a bathroom remodel each decade.)

replace your bathtub? Most bathtubs last 25+ years when taken care of properly. Often when remodeling your bathroom, it is unnecessary to get a completely new tub. A new tub could be in order if it becomes damaged or out of style.

paint your ceiling? Ceilings need painted less often than vertical walls. However, it's sometimes easier to hire out a painter to do all of it at once. Consider painting your ceilings every time you paint the walls.

stain your deck? Decks experience the effects of weather, especially when you live in harshly cold, wet climate zones. Staining the wood on your deck ought to be completed every 2-3 years. This is will help to maximize the life of the wood.

paint your interior walls? 5 years is a good rule of thumb for the frequency of painting interior walls. Having a clean, new paint job done every 5 years will keep your home looking neat and updated.

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