How Much Does It Cost to Paint A Room?

Ask homepainter Jun 16, 2020

Have a one-room project in mind? We’ll outline the average costs for painting different rooms and help you decide if you want to DIY or higher a professional.

First and foremost, one-room projects can be more expensive per room than larger projects. This is because the contractor has the same amount of fixed costs, no matter how many rooms. These fixed-costs include things such as equipment purchases, disposables, and even things such as set-up and drive time. So just like most things, buying in bulk can save you some money.

What's the cost to hire?

The cost of hiring a painter for a room depends on several factors. Size, items being painted, repairs needed, brand of paint, and where you live. Here are the average costs for different rooms around the house.

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Bedroom:     $500 - $800

The average bedroom size in the US is 10 x 12 feet or 120 square feet. Bedrooms are relatively easy to paint and can make a personal space feel like your own.

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Kitchen:   $500 - $800

A typical kitchen has much less wall space due to cabinets and backsplashes. However, the price is similar because it involves more prep and detail work.

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Living Room:   $600 - $900

Living rooms average slightly higher in price because many have vaulted ceilings, more windows that require brushwork, and more prep to ensure the floors, furniture, and other items are covered.

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Master Bath: $300-$400
Half Bath:   $200-$300

Bathrooms can range significantly in size because some master bathrooms are quite large, while half baths are small. Bathroom renovations are a very cost-effective way to increase the value of your home and make it appealing to buyers.

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Paint projects have a lot of variables that dictate the price, so remember that these are just averages. HomePainter works to make your project frictionless by providing you with online quotes and vetted local contractors.

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