Finding the Best Paint Sprayer

Painting Pro Jul 07, 2020

When it comes to completing a large project in a time-efficient manner, paint sprayers are a great option. If you’re looking to purchase a paint sprayer for your painting business, consider these pros and cons of various types of paint sprayers.

Airless Paint Sprayer

How it works: Paint is pumped out of the sprayer at an extreme pressure, droplets will cover the surface evenly


  • Can be used with thick paint
  • Best for exterior features and large interior walls/ceilings


  • Works under a very high pressure, and thus can inject toxin into your skin and damage near by objects is not carful

HVLP Sprayer

How it works: Steady, big volumes of air transport the paint droplets


  • Smooth finish
  • Use less paint than other sprayers
  • Best for smaller  interior projects


  • More costly than other sprayers
  • Doesn’t work well with thicker paints

Pneumatic Air Sprayer

How it works: Blows compressed air to paint a surface


  • Best for furniture and cabinets
  • Smooth finish
  • The sprayer costs less than others, especially if you already own an air compressor


  • More messy than other sprayers
  • Uses a lot of paint

Check out this list of The 10 Best Paint Sprayers!


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