Q: What is HomePainter's vetting process?

A: HomePainter works to insure all of the painters on our platform have the necessary insurance and documentation to be producing work. We also background check companies to look at their legal/criminal history to make sure that you and your home is safe.

Q: Does HomePainter collect a deposit?

A. Yes, HomePainter collects a 10% deposit prior at the start of the  project. The final payment is due within 72 hours after the project is  complete.

Q: What insurance does HomePainter provide?

A: All of our vetted and registered contractors are insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance.

Q: What prep work is included in interior paint projects?

A: Our painters are held to high standards when it comes to due diligence. On every job, it is expected that the following prep work is performed:

  • Cover the floors and furniture
  • Clean the areas to be painted removing dust and grime build up
  • Tape trim and fixtures as needed
  • Fill minor nail holes and dents
  • Scrape and prime any flaking or cracking paint

Note: Not all preparations are listed above. Some projects have special preparation requirements and our experienced contractors will be aware of them.

Q: Do I need to tip my painter?

A: The best way to tip your painter is with a "thank you" and a great review. No monetary tips are expected.

Q: How many coats do you apply to a paint job?

A: Jobs can vary in the number of coats needed. HomePainter's contractors are experienced, and will apply as many coats as needed to insure a quality paint job.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my project?

A: You can cancel your job at no cost or fee up to 2 days prior to the scheduled date. If you decide to cancel the day before or the day of, you will lose your deposit.

Q: How do I choose my colors?

A: We suggest exploring Sherwin-Williams website for colors and inspiration so that you can submit the colors with your quote. If you need more time to decide, no worries! Just let your painter know at least 1 day before the project start date.