Fall curb appeal tips

Ask homepainter Sep 20, 2020

Catch the eye of homebuyers by putting effort toward boosting your home’s curb appeal this fall. Though fall is a slower season for real estate, selling your home in the fall has its perks. The cozy climate gives your home a warm, welcoming feeling. Fall weather is also great for house showings. The home can be assessed without the buyers freezing or burning.


Autumn is a fun time to decorate, but keep your decor simple. Fall flowers, such as mums complement the fall foliage in your yard very well. Decorating with pumpkins and gourds is also tasteful this time of year. Consider a fall wreath, as well. Oranges, golds, and deep reds look great! Don’t go over the top with inflatable Halloween yard decorations or other spooky decor. You don’t want to scare away buyers!

Clean & Repair

Fall is a perfect time to prepare your home for winter by removing leaves from your yard and cleaning gutters. Doing so will also enhance the curb appeal of your home for potential buyers. The temperate weather conditions in fall make it an excellent time to touch up the paint on the exterior of your home. Looking for a professional painter to spruce up your trim or shutters? Homepainter will provide a quote and connect you with local painting professionals in minutes.

Add Features

Though these updates can be done in any season, if you’re selling your home this fall, consider heightening curb appeal by...

  • Replacing your address plate. A quaint display of your house numbers is a simple way to spiff up your home.
  • Adding an accent door. Painting your front door has the highest rate of return of any painting project in your home.
  • Installing outdoor lighting. Lighting makes your home feel cozy and inviting. Consider adding something permanent, like a porch light or lamp post.


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