Colors that look good in all seasons

Colors & Inspiration Mar 30, 2020

Though brightly colored walls are fun and bring energy to your room, you may have a more subtle design style. Perhaps you are trying to find colors that will look elegant in every season and that will allow you to fill your space with more colorful fixtures and furnishings. If this sounds like you, consider neutral or earth tone paints. These soothing colors keep your home looking quaint from January through December!

Earth Tones

Nature is constantly existing outside of your home, so why not bring it indoors? Earth tones give your home a deep, classy look all year round. Looking for inspirational earth tones? Look no further than Sherwin-Williams’ Enriched Earth collection.

an earth tone bedroom


Neutrals, especially grays are trendy right now. Such colors make buying and selling your home simple, as it is an easy color for you or future owners to paint over, not to mention, it gives you endless opportunities to accent the room with pops of color. Sherwin-Williams offers various collections of neutral colors.

Having basic walls opens the door to a multitude of ways in which you can add color and decorate according to the season. Pillows, throws, rugs, and even furniture are great ways to color and seasonalize your living space. Add florals for spring and summer, fall foliage-colors for fall, and snowmen decorations or pine decor for winter. Also, don't be afraid of adding an accent wall in the midst of your neutral home. With just one wall having a vibrant color, the other walls will balance it, keeping its appearance timeless throughout the entire year.

neutral walls accented with colorful pillows and a green plant

Colors that Look Good, yet are Bold

Just because a wall is bold, doesn't mean that it will go out of style when the seasons change. Black and deep reds are bold choices, but they maintain their ability to fit in regardless of the weather changes outdoors. Navy is another option to consider when going bold. If you're "going dark" with your paint choices, consider these pros and cons of dark walls.

a bold, yet seasonally-timeless color choice

Let's Talk Cabinets and Trim!

Cabinets and trim are important features in your home, yet they often get overlooked when it comes time to paint. Neutral colors, such as white or black, are popular for cabinets. However, cabinets could be the place where you will let your bold streak shine through. If the rest of the room is neutral, consider adding a splash of color with the cabinets. If you choose wood stains for your cabinets and trim, consider going dark. Dark woods are more timeless than lighter ones. Keeping your trim neutral will allow for flexibility with the color of the walls themselves.

Remember, this is your house, so ultimately you deserve to feel cozy and content all year long!

If you are looking for a painting professional to add earth tones or neutrals to your home, homepainter can help. Homepainter will provide you online quotes and connect you with a professional painter in minutes.


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