Remodeling a kitchen can seem like an overwhelming and expensive task. Families spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen together, so why not give it the upgrade it deserves? Try out these simple kitchen upgrades today and be done by dinner tonight!

Add a Splash

Backsplash is a simple but effective upgrade to any kitchen. It adds style and dimension while keeping the wall protected from any splatters. You can even use an easy peel-and-stick backsplash for a fast makeover which is also perfect for renters!

Lights, please!

A well-lit kitchen is essential for entertaining and cooking. Adding lighting underneath cupboards and cabinets make the kitchen come alive and provides a valuable accent for any occasion. With many easy and affordable options for lighting, this upgrade is a no-brainer.

Color those Cupboards

Giving your kitchen cupboards a fresh, new paint job is by far the best way to transform your space. Cabinets can be challenging to do yourself, so if you’d rather leave the painting to the professionals, you can use HomePainter’s online estimating tool and get a local quote in minutes.

Let’s "Handle" It

If your cupboards can skip the painting but still need some TLC, give them a hand and switch out those handles for some new ones! Upgrading handles or knobs to a more modern style is cheap and you'll be supprised by the impact.

Raise the Bar

Who doesn't like a clean, organized kitchen? Installing coffee mug hooks under the cabinets or making your own coffee cart for the kitchen will free up cabinet space and make those early mornings more exciting!