Freshen the color of your walls by painting. Even painting your trim can make a noticeable difference in sharpening your room’s aesthetic. Color is powerful for setting the tone of a room. Be bold with colorful accents on your walls, doors, and even ceiling. To play it safer, neutralize your home with a modern touch of grey. Either way, the change will make your house feel more like home.

Check out these bold accent colors by Sherwin-Williams

Install Adhesive Flooring

Outdated flooring can bring down the positive feel of a room. If your too busy or on a tight budget, go the easy route and purchase adhesive flooring panels. You can install these yourself, and many types are able to be applied directly over your current floors.

Add New Lighting

Enhance a room by brightening or softening the lighting to create a new mood. Soft lighting makes for a cozy vibe, whereas brighter lights can provide a sensation of enlargement for the room. If you don’t have canned lighting, an easy fix is a trendy lamp.

Love Your Bathroom

Simple touches to a bathroom of any size can spiff it up. Simply removing the old knobs and handles on cupboards, as well as outdated hooks, and replacing them with more modern ones can be done in less than an hour. Add new towels and a new shower curtain, and before you know it, your bathroom will have a whole new look!

Update Your Windows

We often look through windows, but too often we also overlook the windows themselves. Replacing your windows and ensuring that your window treatments are up-to-date is a minor way to make a major change in your home.

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