4 small paint projects that will drastically improve your home

Colors & Inspiration Oct 18, 2020

While spending extra time at home this summer, perhaps you're noticing the areas of your home that could use a little love. Overwhelmed by wondering where to start? Check out these four small paint projects that will allow you to dip your toe into the realm of home improvement, while drastically improving your home's aesthetic.

Freshen up doors and trim

The paint on doors and trim makes a big difference. Often scuffed from moving furniture or the wear and tear of daily living, a fresh coat of paint on your doors and trim would do your rooms well. It’s typical for doors and trim to be painted the same color. Consider adding an accent door on your front door for a pop of color. Remember to tape - a tidy trim job is essential to properly framing your room.

Add accent colors to your living room

Today it’s common to see lots of neutral wall colors, especially in living rooms. Consider a more unique and personalized look by adding accent an color to your living room. Accent walls are a fun way to enhance any living space. The best part is that you can then decorate and accessorize with matching pillows, throws, or rugs.

Brighten a room with fresh ceilings

Ceilings are commonly ignored, but just because it’s messier and you may end up with a sore neck if you have the improper tools, do not be deterred. Put drop cloths down, and get a roller on a long handle, so you won’t have to stand directly under the area that you’re painting. Still too daunting? Hire a pre-qualified painter today!

Wow your guests with your bathroom

Bathrooms are a highly-trafficked area that are sometimes neglected in terms of decorating and painting. Bathrooms are a great place to add some excitement to your home. Blues are a good color choice for bathrooms. When quarantine is over, your guests will be stunned when they see your bathroom’s new look.


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