Our Story

Photo of Jacob McClarnon

Jacob McClarnon

While studying business at Iowa State University, Jacob ran a painting company (Painter's Promise) in Ames, Iowa.

After running the business for several years, Jacob realized that going out and doing in person estimates was taking up a lot of time and resources, only to yield a small percentage of actual jobs.

There had to be a better way of doing this, and that's when the idea started to form. What if we could do the estimates all online?

Photo of Anthony House

Anthony House

Through the SBDC in Ames, Jacob found a small web development firm called The Design GUIs, which was being run by Anthony House.

With a Software Engineering background, Jacob knew this would be the perfect fit to help get this idea off the ground. He pitched the idea, and then just like that, they were on their way to make a great platform.

What should we call it? After several name iterations, we finally settled on Home Painter.

Photo of Anthony House

Anthony House


Today, Home Painter services over 100 zip codes.

Our goal since the beginning has been to give free online estimates that provide lower costs, and faster estimates as compared to traditional servicing.

For local painters, we want to be more than a referral site, we do this by providing real jobs, support services, and lessened liability.

Overall, we aim to provide a better experience from start to finish. With higher quality paint jobs and better customer service, we can create a better way to paint.